Dynamic Panel does not take hundred percent width inside a panel

Sheraz shared this problem 1 week ago
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I have placed three dynamic panels inside a parent dynamic panel. The three child dynamic panels have width set to 100% width.


The three panels inside the parent dynamic panel will only take the full 100% width when I have applied a vertical layout on the parent dynamic panel. If no layout is applied, the panels inside never take the full 100% width which is causing lots of problems.

I have to stick one of the panels inside to stick to bottom which can only be done if I remove the vertical layout but then panels don't take 100% width.

Google drive link which has screen recording and prototype for reference


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Looks like there is a bug here! We're going to fix this soon. I'll let you know when we have an update. As a workaround for now, you can turn the horizontal layout of Dynamic_Panel_6->Panel_6 into a Free layout


Thanks !!! This weird workaround actually worked for me :)

Waiting for the fix.