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Dynamic Panel Carousel with Indicators

Answered Victor Conesa 8 years ago

I know how to create a carousel with panels and change the active panel with swipe gestures.

What I'm looking to do next is have indicators (circles) at the bottom of the carousel which would change depending on which panel was active, and also be able to click on a circle to go to that panel. (Like the hero carousel on Amazon's homepage.)

I tried adding the circles to each panel, but then those move when going to the next panel vs. staying in place.

I'd like to have the circles static on the page, and only the fill changes when I am on a different active panel. But, I don't see a way to determine which panel is active.

Is this possible? I'm also fine with putting the circles below the carousel (i.e., not in the panel) but still can't determine what the active panel is.

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You can create the circles outside the dynamic panel (directly on the screen) and create a set active panel and a change style action for each one.



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