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Dynamic panel and grid data height

Answered Gemma 4 years ago


I don't know how to make it works correctly.

My problem is that my dynamic panel (or my data grid) don't have the scroll to continue whatching all the information.

The same problem will happen with panel_1 and panel_2.


For example, I have panel_2 and products_1 with height value 100%


But for grid_cell I don't have the option to set height with %, I have to put a px value. If I change it to 403px, then automatically the products_1 change the height to 200%.

But also I can't see all the products, I can't make more scroll to continue down on the screen, so I see cutted it.


I hope you can help me.

I attach you also the project.


Gemma Pinyol

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The issue is that the panel vertical overflow (scroll) isn't set to scroll. Select the Panel, go the Properties palette, and under 'Vertical overflow', choose 'Scroll auto'.


Great! it works.

Thanks a lot

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