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"Dynamic" header-footer template

Answered toni ballester 7 years ago

Hello to everyone, I have a template with a header and footer and my problem is that there is some pages with more elements than others. That means more height, and the template has his own static height, I want a way to calculate this height.

I tried some events like "on page load" move (footer) to windows heigh - footer.height. But i cannot solve the problem.

Can someone help me please?

Thank you!

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Hi Toni,

In case you don't have many screens you could create two templates with a long and short version, however if you have many screens with different heights then a better solution could be to create the footer as a master and then include that footer separately into each screen manually.


Sonia Durán


Hi Sara,

Thanks for yoour answer!

I tried so hard to implement a event, but I didn't solve the problem. Finally I did what you said, I have two templates, but I don't think is the best solution.


Toni Ballester

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