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Duplicating a group within a group moves the duplicate to the top of the layers

Known Julian Dyer 5 years ago

Current Behaviour

When duplicating a group within a group, the newly created group will appear the the top of the tree. This is very annoying as you often want to duplicate grouped elements (eg buttons) within a group, while keeping the structure persistent. Having to move the group back into the group every time is very frustrating.

To replicate:

1. Create 2 rectangle and group them together.

2. Create two more, group them together, place them inside the first group

3. Duplicate the second group - this will now appear outside of the first group, at the top of the layer tree.

Desired behaviour:

For the duplicated nested group (the second group created above) to appear above the group that has been duplicated.

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Thanks for letting us know! I'll send this to our team.

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