Drag element onto dynamic subpanel doesn't work

Warren shared this problem 2 years ago
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I have a dynamic panel with 2 sub panels. I have an element (another dynamic panel, actually) and I have it set up with the drag-end event to insert it into the active panel. At least that is my hope. I have two tabs that, when you click on each, the associated subpanel is activated. Subpanel #1 is active by default. When I run the simulation and drag the element onto subPanel #1, it works fine. It stays on subPanel#1 right where I dropped it and if I click the tab for subPanel #2 it disappears. However, if I re-run the sim, click the tab for subPanel #2 activation and drop the element, it disappears.

Any suggestions?


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Hi Warren,

If you're using an 'insert into' event it should work. Can you attach the prototype here in .zip format so we can see why it might not be working?




I found one thing that I was doing wrong. SubPanel #2 was not extended down as far as #1 is. Now it doesn't disappear but it appears at the top right - not where I dropped it. If I drag and drop it to somewhere in the middle, it returns back to the top left position.

To reproduce:

Click 'Customer 1' tab.

Hover over 'Favorite MI Site 1'. Rectangle will appear. Drag that rectangle onto the customer 1 canvas. It will reappear in the top left. Restart and try same with 'My Favs' tab left as is and it should work correctly.

FYI, the event is only set up for the 'Favorite MI Site 1' element.

Please remove the attachment as soon as you get it.