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Dont add items to data table if they already exist in the data table

Answered Victor Conesa 7 years ago


I have a data table that a user can add items to through a form. However I want to prevent the addition of a new item if the item already exists in the data table. How can I create a condition to check if the item is already there.



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Add an Event to a button

On click -> set value

click on the whole data grid or data list then select calculated on the bottom part

then add expression

drag "Count" condition and inside it drag the "Filter" condition

inside the filler condition has two variables, on the first one go to data masters and drag the datas, on the second variable drag the textbox(the one that contains the name that you do no want to have duplicate)

after that, drag the not equal sign "≠" at the end of count and double click it and set it to 1

looks like this


then click ok,

do an else statement if it returns true



Thank you very much... :). works perfectly...

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