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Displaying a list of "selected" values

Answered Victor Conesa 8 years ago

Hi, I am trying to pull a list of values from a datalist and show them (one after another according to the order the user click on them) on another part of the same screen (using select (variable, attribute) I can get them to show up, but only one at a time. How would I make them appear in a row together?

Context: "facet" menu on the left hand side built from a datalist, user clicks on the appropriate facet and the ones that are active show up on the top of the screen (you've selected: value1 value2 value3 etc.)

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Hello Christina,

If you want to show all the values at the same time, then I would suggest doing the following:

1. Have an event that stores the values in a variable (concatenated with one another) for every on click event placed on the current row of the data list

2. Create a trigger for when the variable should be shown. For example, you can create a condition to show the variable when a certain amount of clicks have been enacted. This point is a matter of preference and can be handled many ways.

3. Display the variable on a label widget after the condition becomes true

Hope this has been able to help.



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