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detailed info about values passe when moving a list row to variable

Answered Cbuz 4 years ago

Hi friends, in your tutorial https://www.justinmind.com/support/prototyping-forms-data-lists-and-data-grids/ you show how to pass values from a screen to another moving the grid_cell into a variable. Which values are then available from that variable in the other screen? Only datamaster fields or all the fields contained in the grid cell, and how can you distinctly select them?

Thank you in advance for help

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It will select all information that's associated with that record in the Data Master, even if all the fields aren't included in the Data Grid itself. If a record contains 7 different fields, but only 5 are included in the Data Grid, it will still transfer over all 7 fields for that record into the Variable. To select the information from the Variable, you can create a "Set Value" action that sets the value to some text on the screen, where the value is Select (Variable, Field from Data Master), which you can see in Step 7 of the Modifying Data section of that tutorial.


Thank you very much, this is exactly what i need to know!

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