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Desactivate automatics emails at each comment on published prototypes

Under Consideration Victor Conesa 8 years ago

Currently, all reviewers receives an email each time a comment is done on a published prototype.

Is there a way to disactivate this feature ?

What happens is that we invited various profiles to review our prototype, and some are not concerned by technical comments. It is also kind of spamming everyone, only publishers need to be aware of all comments in real time

So we found a workaround which is to publish the same prototype 3 times, and invite different reviewers on each version. But this is not ideal. The best option would be to be able to activate / disactivate the email sending for each reviewer

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Hi Guillaume,

You can deactivate this feature on the main screen of Justinmind cloud service. Click into notifications and the deactivate the option "Get notifications for this prototype". (See screenshot).


Sonia Durán


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