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Dependent Dynamic Panel based on Source Screen

Answered Victor Conesa 8 years ago

Can I navigate to a specific panel on a destination screen based on a particular action taken on a source screen? For example...

Screen A, I add data to a form and click 'Add Entry'. On Screen B, a dynamic panel would display a table populated with 1 entry. If I go back to A and repeat my 'Add Entry' action, Screen B would now display 2 entries in the table (or another panel).

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You can use the data master action events on this case.

- Create a data master with the same fields as the form

- When click on 'Add Entry', create a Data master action event of type 'Add' and add this item on the data master.

- On Screen B, drag a Data List to the screen and create an on page load event of type 'Set value' that will set the value of the Data master to this data list.




Can i send you my model? I need to have the Data Grid on Screen B populate with Variable data from Screen A. In addition to this, I need the Data Grid on Screen B to also populate with pre-populated data (by row) and only display a row of data when a row of data has been added.


Sure, send us your prototype to us and we'll be happy to help.

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