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Delay when setting value based on variables on page load

Answered Victor Conesa 8 years ago

I have two screens, screen A that has a button, when clicked - it will set a var called "MyVar" to "True"

on Screen B, i have a rectangle with text saying "Not Clicked"

I set an event for Screen B "On page load" to set value of this rectangle's text to "Clicked" and under the event condition i did "When MyVar = "True"

Ie - whenever Screen B loads, if someone in Screen A clicked the button, the text in the rectangle of screen B will display "Clicked",

The problem:

When i simulate, and go on screen A click the button, then go to Screen B,

The rectangle on screen B says "Not Clicked" and after a small delay changes to "Clicked", it seems like the evaluation is done after the control is rendered and not before, causing it to flicker an incorrect text for a brief moment before setting the correct value.... is this a known issue?

I am evaluating this software for my company so we can make a purchase, i really love this so far, but these kind of quirks make for a really unprofessional prototype which we absolutely cannot present to customers as a showcase... so its a showstopper for me, the asking price is nearly 500USD to a single license, these are not the quirks we should expect in a 500 USD software (pro)

Am i missing something in terms of configuration? doing something incorrect? or is this really just how the software works?

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Hi Avihllel,

Your request is being dealt with in our Customer Support Portal.


Sonia Durán

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