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Define default proxy setting for all users of a computer

Answered Martin 4 years ago

We are planning to use this at a school and would like to default the proxy settings for all users on a computer to the required settings. Is there a way that this can be done?

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Yes, but it's a little complicated. Start with the attached file, unzip it, and type in your proxy information. It should have all of these fields:

enableProxyConfiguration = true

proxyHost =

proxyPort =

requireProxyAuthentication =

ProxyUsername =

proxyPassword =

Then, you network administrator will need to find a way when installing Justinmind to create this path in each user's folder

% User_profile% / Justinmind /% VERSION% / metadata / .plugins / org.eclipse.core.runtime / .settings / com.justinmind.evc.prefs

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