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Data Master Value Select based on the Row comparison with Variable

Answered Victor Conesa 10 years ago

How to select a Data Master row value based on the comparison with Variable?

For example, If I have three records in my data master with two columns namely Company Name, City.

Also I have a value assigned to the variable called 'CityName'.

Now I want to retrieve the Company Name from the record when the Data Master City column matches the variable 'CityName'.

It's like a query to retrieve a particular record from Data Master. I tried to do that by placing the condition in the events column.

I want to insert the value of Company Name to a label when City column equals to the variable 'CityName'.

I tried using Set Values, But still not working. Can you guide me in this one?



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Here's an updated version of the solution:


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Hi Samuel,

I have done an example for you: https://justinmind.com/usernote/tests...

Follow these steps to reproduce the example:

1. Create the datamaster

2. Drag a label, a button and an input text to the canvas.

3. Select the button and create an "on click" event. Choose "set value" event and click on the label. Then, go to "calculate" and build the following expression:


If you want to do it with a variable, instead of using the input text into the expression, drag the variable.

Best regards.


Here's an updated version of the solution:


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