Data List filter (single criteria) expression not working properly.

Josh Thomas shared this problem 4 years ago

I have a Data List, with 6 columns. The expression (image below), is based-on a Select List with three values: "", "Unlocked", and "Locked". This expression is within the event "On Change" for the Select List referenced in the expression. During simulation, the filter works properly for when "Unlocked" chosen, however, when "Locked" is chosen, all values are returned as if the filter is set to "". I am pretty certain that this functionality was working for me yesterday...might an update have been pushed today to cause this issue?




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For those that may have the same issue that I posted...note the "select list" values that I chose ("locked" and "unlocked"). Now, also note that I used the operator "HAS" in my expression. I realized my mistake...my select list value "unlocked" has the word "locked" in it...so, I must use operator "=" instead of "HAS". Check to see if you should use "=" instead of "HAS".