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Data grid: Borders and Background colors of "input text fields" should not appear if value is null

Solved Jonathan Serex 6 years ago

I've built a data grid which can be filtered as per the value in an input field, in order to simulate a real-time predictive search. This is working well, with one exception:

In my grid, some "input text fields" (which are related to the data master) represent several "Tags".

In order to represent the Tags, these "input text fields" are filled with a background color and include a border.

The issue is the following : whenever there isn't any value in the data master for the Tags' "input text fields", the background color and the border still appear, despite no text is displayed. The result is quite ungainly.

To me this looks like a bug. The expected behavior would be : whenever the data master returns "no value", the input text field should not appear at all, including its border and its background color.

Have a look and let me know what you think. If this behavior is not a bug, please let me know how I could hide the background color and border of "input text fields" which don't have any value.

Thanks in advance for your help !


I'm using JustinMind 7.7.0

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Dear Jon,

You should create an "on data change" event associated at each of the rows in order to check out if the text is "null" or not. Then add a "change style" event to change the input text field and delete the border and background.


Sonia Durán


Thank you Sonia !

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