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Dark Mode for iOS

In Progress Robert Brown 4 years ago

What are you plans to allow the keyboard on an iOS simulation to support dark mode?

I love JIM but feel it is a little behind the times with the support for iOS. Dark mode is the future and components which we cannot control such as the keyboard need to support it.

I don't want to reinvent the wheel and build my own keyboard.

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Happy to tell you that we're currently developing a widget library for iOS dark mode! I'm not sure what the timeline is on releasing it - I'll ask and get back to you.


Hi Danielle

Thank you for your email.

That would be awesome. My app design is in Dark mode and unfortunately the keyboard let's the design down.

Many thanks



Here's the dark mode library. Unfortunately the keyboard will still be in light mode - it's part of how the simulation emulator works. If you view the prototype on your phone in Dark Mode, the real Dark Mode keyboard should show up.

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