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Customize parts of Masters

Answered Alexander_haymann 5 years ago

I love working with masters, which makes reusability much easier. However, I would like to decouple some properties from the master, which I struggle to do.

E.g. I want to create a button and take over size / font / colour etc. by defining it through Masters. However, I do want to name them separately (set value). When I select one of the buttons created like this, I can either decouple them completely from the Masters, which will result in them not updating, if I update the Masters, or change the name of all of the Masters children.

Is what I want to do possible within Justinmind?

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Hi Alexander,

Here's how to do this:

1. Create a variable with no default value. Name the variable 'Current Screen'.

2. On each screen with the master button, create an "On Page Load" + "Set Value" event. Have it set the value to the Current Screen variable to be the screen name that you are creating the event on. So, if the screen you're on is called Screen 1, have it set the value to the variable as Screen 1.

3. On the master, create an "On Page Load" + "Set Value" event for the button. Have it set the value to the button to be whatever value you'd like to be shown on a certain screen.

4. Create a condition for this event. Have it be When... [variable] = Screen 1 (or whatever value you have set to the variable using the 'set value' event you created on each screen earlier).

5. Click on the 'else' text, and recreate the last two steps, just changing the values to be different, depending on what values you would like to be shown on the different screens.

I have attached an example of this. Let me know if you have any questions.


Hi Danielle and many thanks for your input,

this would only solve the problem, when you have one of the master buttons on the screen. Now, I would encounter many of the same buttons on the same screen, but they should have different labels. What I have done now (thanks to your input, which has given me some food for thought):

  1. Create several placeholder variables
  2. Delete the text out of the master button
  3. Place a text container on the different sites on the master buttons
  4. Have onPageLoad events that fill the corresponding text value into the variables, which then are linked to the text containers

This seems to be a real patchwork approach. Isn't there something smoother? Can one detach certain properties from the master (e.g. text value) whilst other are managed through the master (shape, fill, etc)?

Does my doing have any effect on button behaviour - since the text is on top of the button, is it still clickable through the text?




Unfortunately your only options are to:

1) break the master, so you'll be able to manually change the value of the buttons on each page

2) create the events and variables we have described earlier to change the button's values dynamically

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