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Robert Brown shared this idea 4 years ago
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Hi Support

I have noticed that when someone has submitted a question sometimes it is answered via the customer support portal and I assume a direct answer/solution to the person who submitted the question is given.

It is not possible to publish the answer rather than having to ask the same question?

Personally I think looking at the answers/solutions would save having to submit a question.

Many thanks


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Hi Robert,

Usually all the inquiries through Justinmind's Community are answered directly here.

We only redirect users to our Customer Support Portal when they are clients and they need to send us their vp files or we are talking about a complex case that we need to have a long conversation to investigate and be able to arrive to the solution.

Sometimes, some users are sending inquiries through both channels (duplicated). Usually if we have already seen the same topic through the Customer Support Portal we reply with priority them through CSP instead of Justinmind's Community and we inform them here that their inquiry has been replied.

In case you need something about any specific topic that hasn't been resolved through Justinmind's Community just reply on it and ask for a solution and we will be glad to provide you an answer through this channel.


Sonia Durán


Dear support,

I have wrongly paid for a year subscription instead if a month, can I revert it to a monthly subscription?


Hey there - you can write in to our Contact form and our licensing team will get back to you with more information about this.