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Custom scale for Nexus 6 1440 x 2560 does not work on the device

Solved Victor Conesa 8 years ago

I want to make a prototype for my Nexus 6. The resolution is 1440 x 2560 (the screenshots I make with my device have this format as well, so it is not a device issue). When I make a prototype on this size and preview it on my phone, it does not fit.

720 x 1280 does not make it fit and when I descale it to 360 it leaves open pixels on the side.

I tried to find out what the scaling is and I see that the phone shows the whole prototype on 410 x 730. This is a strange scale of about -3,5x.

Is there somewhere that I can set the scaling?

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Hi Thamar,

The scaling factor comes with the CSS pixel ratio, find an explanation by following this link: http://www.canbike.org/CSSpixels/

When creating the prototype, you should divide the resolution of your device by the pixel scale. In this case, you should create a prototype with the size you mentioned, which comes from this calculation (1440/3.5, 2560/3.5).

Another way to do it would be to change the zoom percentage on the simulation settings (gear icon next to the green 'simulate' button).



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