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Cursor Lags on field inputs during iphone simulation.

Answered Victor Conesa 8 years ago

Has anyone faced a situation when simulating field inputs on an iphone iOS8 device, where the cursor takes more than 30s to just load? The keypad comes on just fine when you tap the field, however, you can't do much else after that. There is an unacceptable lag between the first tap and seeing what you type into the field. But subsequent entries once the cursor comes on seem to be fine. I believe the cursor initialization may be an issue.

How do I overcome this?

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I also needed to correct/add that I see this particular behaviour happening only when I uploading the demo to an actual iphone device, and not when I'm using the simulator via the JIM interface on my desktop. I have also checked to see if something in my iphone device is causing the issue. I haven't been able to locate it so far...I've trying resetting the keyboards to default settings. So far, with all other apps on the iPhone, during field inputs, the cursor comes right along...no lags...

What could be causing this with the JIM prototyper?

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