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Current state of element not recognised in toggle interactions

In Progress Julian Dyer 5 years ago


I have found another bug with JustInMind which is causing issues.

When using the toggle command on two separate elements on the same target, the current state of the element is not taken into account, resulting in having to click twice to get the desired action. Please see the attached prototype.


1. Press Toggle Button 1

2. Press Toggle Button 2

3. Repeat pressing the buttons alternately

The current state of the red square is not recognised, requiring you to click it twice to get the desired action!

I think the current state should be recorded, and the opposite state applied on the next click rather than simply using a switch to alternate between two setting.

Expected behaviour:

The toggle will alternate the state in the event, regardless if this event has been triggered previously, and the state has been changed by an event on a different element.


We cannot produce mockups which behave correctly, and this make it difficult for out teams to understand the interactions we want to add to our software.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

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Hi Julian,

Thank you very much for reporting this! I have sent this to our development team and we'll work on fixing this ASAP.



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