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Create an interaction library

Completed Victor Conesa 12 years ago

I want to be able to save events and interactions to re-use later. I could see having it under User Interface, next to Widgets and My Widgets add "My Interactions". I could create an event/interaction in the events panel, name it (which I can already do), then drag it to My Interactions to save it. Then, when I want to use it again, I could drag it from My Interactions to the component on the canvas, and it's applied. I would also want to be able to select "Add Interaction" from the events panel, and in the current event creation screen, have a radio button to "Select from Library", which presents a list of Interactions I have saved.

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This would be more than welcome.

Reusing code only through copy & paste is a pain and impossible to maintain in a complex project. Creating and re-using snippets or entire functions would help a lot.

Btw, even a simple implementation as suggested above would be very helpful.


Hi Melchior,

Thank you for the suggestion. This feature is already on our product's backlog. We

will tell you when an update includes that function. Sorry for any inconvenience.




This would be great. Please also allow for setting changes, so if you're adding an interaction from a library, a dialog will pop up prompting you to input say animation timings, or variables that the interaction uses (maybe in the library, can select which settings you want to be prompted for every time you select that interaction).

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