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Create event to display different panel layer in dynamic panel?

Answered David H 6 years ago

I created a dynamic panel that is used for multiple pop-ups. The content of each popup is in a different LAYER within that dynamic panel. Depending on the button selected, I want to have that specific LAYER popup.

I know how to set this up, however, only the default layer displays. Is it possible to select a specific dynamic panel layer as an event?

I did it this way because it organizes the popups into one panel, versus having numerous ones. If this is not the proper way of doing this, or there is a better way, please let me know (there are about 5 different popups within the same page).

Thank you


Edit add: As an aside, is there any reason why I should use a dynamic panel versus a group of rectangles/text boxes for my popups?

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I figured out what I was doing wrong. I needed to create 2 events for the button.

1. [On Click] + [Set Active Panel]: "Panel 1", "Panel 2", or "Panel 3", for instance

2. [On Click] + [Show]: "Dynamic Panel"

I also noticed something interesting. I was getting some ghosting of the previously active panel (so if Button 2 was pressed to show Panel 2, when I closed and hit Button 1, Panel 2 would ghost/appear quickly before displaying Panel 1). This was resolved by:

- [On Click] + [Set Active Panel] must be the first event

- [On Click] + [Set Active Panel] should be instant (no transition)

- Use other event to create transition effect


Hi David,

Glad to hear you got it to work.


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