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Create an action on clicking a button that appears only when other button is clicked.

Not a Problem 7011385619ab 6 years ago

I have created a rectangle.

The rectangle changes its color when tapped on it.Also a button appears when the rectangle is tapped.

Now I want to associate an action with that button if the rectangle has been tapped( else the button won't even appear).

The action on the button would be: If it is tapped, a next screen appears.

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Check out the attached example to see how to do this. Let me know if you have any questions.



Thanks for sharing.

This appears to be very relevant but my problem has some more components:

There are many rectangles on clicking which the same button pops up.

But depending on the rectangle that is clicked, the button gives a different response i.e. a different page is shown on clicking the button.


In that case, you need to use a variable to store which rectangle has been clicked. This example should help.

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