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Create a list of items for a user to rank

I'm trying to create a list of items that a user can drag into their preferred order.

Like the interaction here, but with one list.


When I replicate the tutorial above the items sit on top of each other rather than displace each other into an ordered list.

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Thank you for reaching out. Could you please attach your log file and prototype so then we may take a look? You can compress your .vp file to a .zip/.rar file and attach it here.

You can find your log files by following this file path:

On Mac: [folder of the user]/justinmind/version/logs.log

On PC: (C://users/youruser/Justinmind[version]/logs.log)

There may also be a file called logs.log.1 in that folder. If it's also listed, please attach it as well.

Thank you kindly,


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