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create a dynamic page for having multiple requests

Known Ali Mousavi Nizhad 6 years ago

Dear all, I want to prototype a mobile app for a bookstore. I designed the categories page and there are some books inserted there. In order to click on each book and have its details, I have to design a specific 'book_description' page for every single book inserted in the categories. I want to have a dynamic page, and while clicking on each book, the content for book goes on the 'book_description' page; [something like querying data from database using scripts and filtering its data on some specific divs]. Is it possible to do it on justinmind? Thanks for your kindness support.

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Yes, this is possible. All you need to do is create a dynamic panel for each book and then create an 'on click -> set active panel' event for each book button, so if you click on the 'x book' button it will lead to the 'x book description' panel.


Can you please make me more clear or give me a basic 1-2 minute simulation?


It seems creating a dynamic panel for every book would quickly become unwieldy as the number of books rises. If you have a field in the data master that is unique to each record (eg. ISBN) or you add a unique "id" field, you can use this field to copy the appropriate fields to the book details page (a single dynamic panel for all books) using "on click" event and "set value" actions with expressions to "filter" the data master to capture the record of the clicked on book and "select" the individual fields.

Here's an example of such an expression:


Hope this helps. Cheers!

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