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Could you help me with these doubts?

Need Answer jaime 2 years ago

Hello, I am considering acquiring a Just In Mind license and for that reason I am testing all its features and I have a few doubts (I am attaching a video): I have 3 projects (all very simples samples) just to be able to observe how they are presented in the mobile simulator, the problems I find are: 1.- In one of the prototypes, I embedded a video (hosted in VIMEO), which works perfectly in the simulator of my Mac, in the simulator of my iPad and also on Iphone, but in the simulator of my Smart Phone Android you only can see the thumbnail but it does not run (it does not work) 2.- On the home page of Just In Mind simulators (doesn’t care the equipment), there is only a single project listed, one that even I had already deleted "Enola Test" but the other three projects are not visible, I need to make some action ass gesture with two fingers and then without any control I found another alternatives (example the one with my video, which I can´t play) 3.-Last, I don’t know how to place an ICON in each of the project title so there is an ellipse that says: No Icon Could you help me with these doubts?

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Thank you for reaching out. I will attempt to answer your questions one at a time. For your first question, are you simulating on your phone through the Justinmind app or on your app's internet browser?

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Yes through the App

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