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corrupted on mac

Known Mathew Mason 6 years ago

Trying this program out to see if I will replace axure/sketch. While working on my file, I set the grid to 1 px. Whole system got hung up....figured it was my mistake to go that granular so I had to force quit and start over. Lost a lot of work but no worries...

But now I can seem to run the program at all! I keep getting the pinwheel of death every few seconds when I click. Figured the file was corrupted. No worries...let's start a new one. That didn't work. I have also uninstalled the program entirely and reinstalled it. That didn't work.

Please help if you can. Tried to attache a video showing how the program gets hung up as soon as I start a file but it's too big.


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Hi there,

So sorry about that! Can you try reinstalling from a fresh download from here: justinmind.com/download ?

Please let me know how that works for you.




After uninstalling, downloading, and reinstalling twice. I figured out that I had to remove files I had to track down on my hard drive that apparently aren't removed when you remove the program (so that was fun). Had work to do so I've bailed on the program and gone back to Axure. Especially given some of your significant usability issues.

On that note, for what it's worth, I'm proficient in Axure, Sketch, Invision, Illustrator, and Principle. I had hoped that Justinmind would be a higher fidelity prototyping tool that could replace much of it, but it has been incredibly difficult to pick up. There have been countless little frustrations and confusion with your UI and interaction model.

Best of luck.

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