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Copy/Paste: bug with positioning logic for pasted objects ?

In Progress Jonathan Serex 4 years ago


Can you please review the below behavior and confirm if this is a bug ?

Look at the attached video, I perform twice the same operation: I paste a rectangle at the very same place.

In the first example, the rectangle is pasted more than 300px from my cursor. It seems to be related to the fact that I am pasting over a grouped object.

In the second example, I first ungroup the underlying object and then paste my rectangle. This time the rectangle is correctly pasted close from my cursor.

Can you please confirm that this is a bug and, if yes, fix it ?

Thanks in advance !

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Any idea about this issue ?


So far we haven't been able to reproduce this. Does this occur in other prototypes or just this one in particular? What are the properties of the rectangle you're trying to paste? Is it rotated, a master element, or anything else special?

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