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Copy and paste Master object removes events

In Progress David H 6 years ago

I have a header and footer master, with events created for everything within. I understand I can place the master element into the new screen, but there are other elements I want to copy and paste just for that one page. So, instead of placing the master elements, I SELECT ALL *which highlights both the master elements and everything else*, COPY, and PASTE into the new screen.

However, now, ALL events for ALL master objects disappear. Any events within non-master elements are retained. If I hit undo, it does not bring the events back into the master. I have to redo every link. It's quite frustrating. Perhaps a bug?

Since I cannot undo the change I have been forced to redo the events for all the links within master elements a few times, until I realized it wasn't something I was doing. My process may not be proper, but I don't believe a copy/paste should removed master events/links.



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Hi David,

Thanks for letting us know about this. Unfortunately I was unable to reproduce this using the steps you described. If possible, could you take a screen recording of this so we can see the error?



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