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Contents of a dynamic panel are shown backwards in the Outline window?

Answered Victor Conesa 10 years ago

I discovered today that the contents of a dynamic panel are displayed backwards in the Outline window? So if I have a dynamic panel that contains three items on the screen, with a vertical layout:

* Item A

* Item B

* Item C

in the Outline window, they will be displayed like this:

- Dynamic Panel

-- Panel 1

--- Item C

--- Item B

--- Item A

Am I crazy? Doesn't it make sense for the Outline window to match the order of the items on the screen?

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Thanks for pointing this out. I will tell our engineers about it.


@John Santos.

Can you tell them again, please? The order is still the wrong way around. We are used to reading lists from top to bottom, the top item being the first one and the one lowest being the last.

It becomes really apparent when you put stuff in a dynamic panel with a vertical or horizontal layout. It's just so weird that things are the wrong way round. Also if you add a new element, it gets added to the top of the list in outline.

Please at least give us an option to reverse the default order of the panels inside dynamic panels.


Hi Armin,

I'll let them know that more people are requesting this.



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