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prototyper is amazing, great work; In a custom select list I have Menu 1 Menu 2 and Menu 3, I want to link these to screen A, B and C; I managed to link the custom select list that contains the menus based "on change" to another screen but it is applying to all menus. How do i work this out. Tutorial have helped a little bit.

Thanks again.


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You have to use conditions. This tutorial explains a similar case:


WOW! I don't know what to say, it has taken me over 2 day and long hours trying to figure a simple function; finally I got it. Thanks for your reply Victor, however the tutorial didn't give me that grasp of what I wanted to do, I figured it out through massive trial and error.

For those who are experiencing he same challenge here is what to do:

If you have a custom select list and within it you have for example menu 1, 2 or 3 (or whatever text you have within the custom select list) and you want to link specific menus to OTHER SCREENS here is what you do:

Click on your "Custom Select List"

Click on "Add Event"

Click on the Square Mouse Icon Top Left and Select "On Change"

Click on "Set Value"

Under "Value Is...." type whatever information you already have in your Custom Select List that you want to link to the OTHER SCREENS, in this example I want Menu 2 to link to Screen 2, so type "Menu 2" hit enter

THEN go to "Link To" and Select Screen 2 (or whatever screen you want it to link to)

Then go to "Add Condition"

Drag the "Custom Select List" to "Define a Conditional Expression" Section

Drag the "=" sign

Then Type "Menu 2" on the following Box

Hit Ok, Ok and VOILA!! and simulate or stimulate whatever your into.

Follow this order and it will work, however if you go to "Link To" first and then to "set value" it will not work.

Another way of doing this and a shorter way is:

Click on your "custom select list"

click on add event

click on the mouse icon, select "on change"

Under "Link To" select the Screen you want it to link to

click on "add Condition"

Drag you "Custom Select List" to the "Define a Conditional Expression" Section

Drag your "=" sign and on the next box Type Menu 2 (or whatever you have in your custom select list that you want it linked) hit ok and your done.

Hopefully this helps you guys, it gave me a headache figuring this little bit.


thanks! I'm doing something similar - the options in my list are fractions and I need to convert them to decimals to store in a variable and your method worked


Thanks for posting Grip.

I was stuck on a similar issue.

My goal was a drop down that displayed various sets of text according to which drop down selection what chosen.

Using your tips, this is how I got mine to work.

'On change"

When set as drop down box selected = {type in text you want it to match from your drop down}

Action set as show dynamic box.

Hope this helps others.


I am so excited this has worked for some of us. NP


Thank you so much! This problem frustrated me too for a few hours...and I was tired of only finding the conditional drop down video as a result for my searches or referred to as a help in this circumstance!


Your welcome!



In my editor in widget section select list widget is not present , now how should I create dropdown list ???


Can you try searching for "select" in the widget's panel? That should show you a select list. See screenshot.