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Condition based on Showing Image

Answered Victor Conesa 9 years ago

I have an image that is initially hidden, I setup an interaction to show the image when a label is clicked. Now I want to add an condition where a button will link to another page but ONLY of the image that was initially hidden is showing. How do I add an condition based on an image showing?

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Hello Jhoshua,

In this instance, you could have a variable hold a value associated with the image's state (hidden or showing). When the label is pressed, you can simply set the value of the variable to showing. Then, a condition can be created to link only when the variable is equal to showing. If you would like to send your prototype file to us, we would be happy to demonstrate this.




Actually in the latest version of Prototyper it's very simple: you can make the expression like this:

If image is visible

- go to page A


- do nothing


I'm having a similar issue,

Until now I have done this

When TAP a Widget AA

If image XX is visible

- hide

And this works fine, but now after few interactions I want that pressing a Widget BB image XX is shown again only if image XX was hiden while tapping Wideget AA

How can I do it?


You can do it by setting a variable and conditions

On widget AA:

- if XX is not visible - show XX

- if XX is visible - hide XX and set variable "Hidden" to: 1

On widget BB

- if variable "Hidden" = 1, show XX

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