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Clickon "move " events not working when using a Master

Solved Victor Conesa 11 years ago

Events in Masters.

I am trying to create an event on a master.

The event I am trying to create is to move a button once a text label is clicked.

I can create the event and move interaction fine when doing this on a Screen or Template. However, when doing it on a Master , the move does not work?

I have played around and tried offset and absolute position, but still no luck in getting it to work.

I have created all the elements from scratch and then created the interactions. Still does not work.

I have copied the working one from a Template and a Screen to the Master, same problem happens.

Could someone tell me what I am doing wrong?

Using prototyper pro 5.0.0

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I'm using 5.1.0 and have run into the same issue. Is there a way to use the move action in masters?


I have the same issue I have a master header with a show/hide registration form in the body I have several "on mouse enter" tabs.

When I send the master to the back the tabs work but you can not see the form and vice versa when you bring the form forward the tabs do not work.

I'm using 5.1.0


yes and I too experience this same issue upon placing a move [onhover] interaction within a master. using version 8.1.0.

please advise if indeed a solution exists?

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