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Choose a specific row from a specific row from masterdata

In Progress elicxiarl 4 years ago


I am trying to extract a row from datamaster and show it on datalist? I saw some of the tutorials and forum questions related to this, but I still have not found solution:

Also, is this the syntax for JustInMind? I keep mixing it with SQL.

SELECT(Mastersdata, Return Value)?

FILTER(Mastersdata, ???)

I would like my data list to be like the picture below. Can this be done in JustInMind?


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Data Lists are populated by Data Master values, so there is no need to create an event to give it a value. When you create a Data List, you will see an option to choose the Data Master you've created.

The Syntax is similar to SQL -

Select is formatted like this:

Select (Data to Select from, Specific Attribute to select)

Filter (Data to Select from, filter condition)

Yes, your Data can be formatted like this - create a Field in your Data Master for each attribute (age, birthdate, etc). You can attach an example file that we can check out if you'd like. You'll need to compress it to .zip/.rar format to attach it here.

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