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Checkbox that triggers events of another checkbox

Answered Fadsir78 5 years ago

I have checkbox "B" with an On Tap event that triggers a bunch of actions. I wanted to create a checkbox "A" , which when checked with an On Tap event, triggers the actions associated with checkbox B. To do this, I changed the trigger of checkbox B from On Tap to On Change. I managed to get checkbox B checked when A is checked, and unchecked when A is unchecked, no problem, but the actions on B didn't trigger. I resolved this by changing a variable value when A is checked, and did an On Variable Change on B. Worked like magic.

My question is why On Change didn't work? And is there a better way to achieve what I wanted without using variables?



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The "On Change" trigger is dependent on a direct change you make to an element, not an indirect change like what you've described. Using the "On Variable Change" trigger sounds like the right approach.

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