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Check if table cell or panel is empty

Answered Oscar Ward 7 years ago

Hi, Im doing a drag and drop sim and Id like to be able to display a message in a dyn panel or table cell when they are empty after all items have been moved out of them. There are several drop targets some start empty and I can display the message there and hide it when items are placed in them easy enough. but when all items are removed I cant see a way to check if the panel/cell is empty.

Anyone have any idea if this is possible?


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Hi Oscar,

Your request has been dealt through our customer support portal.


Sonia Durán


OK, I have it working partially. I can get a variable to update when a item is dropped on a panel. Now what id like know if its possible to automatically renumber items that are initially numbered 1, 2 and 3. when they are rearranged in the panel say 2, 3, 1 i would like to be able to change the numbers to match their new order. so when 2 is first it becomes one and then 3 becomes 2 and 1 becomes 3.

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