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Changing DataBase property for logged user

Answered Marko Petrovi? 4 years ago

I need a little bit of help here.

I need to know is this scenario possible:

I have Database with users for my Portal (standard stuff like username, email, picture, etc.) + i have additional with the status Online/Offline which should display is User is Logged in or not.

I have made a user login page based on your tutorial and it works perfect. But i don't know how to put a formula that will change property of database from Offline to Online for a user that has just Logged so when he goes to users page (where I have Data list displaying all users and their properties) he can see Online next to his name.

I might be missing some obvious step but at the moment just cant figure it out :/

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Sure - just create a "Data Master Action - Modify" event, with this expression:


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