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Changes to a table before and after a filter

Answered Victor Conesa 9 years ago

based on the Tutorial "Use icon to indicate user status" I'm able to show an image based on a criteria in the table (specifically the row). The image function fails to run properly if there is a filter function before or after it. For example, If i wanted to filter and have only the funny users that are online show (and show the online image), I'm unable to achieve that.

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Hi Richard,

Here is a modification of the User Ratings tutorial: https://www.dropbox.com/s/jxw75d9defj...

Take a look at the events on the buttons. And how the data masters are built.

The idea is to have a repository of images:

build a dataMaster with two columns: id(text) and picture(file upload)

then when you want to add/mod an image you will have to do so in two events:

1) set value on a variable of select image from the result of filtering the datamaster by the id.

2) modify the datamaster using the variable


We have added an event to a label containing "Change ratings". This event uses the 2 star rating from the user_ratings datamaster but you can use an image from any data master you want.

If anything is unclear please let me know.




Hi Marc, I'm having the same issue as Richard with my custom icons on the data grid disappearing when I filter it. I've downloaded the file you shared from dropbox, but the buttons all show the same single sorting action, there's no difference between them - and they all work just fine, even the two top ones which I think are not supposed to.

Any light on this issue?


Please please please make it so Data Grids, Lists and Tables have an "On Change" event that will allow us to perform all these custom actions we currently do in On Page Load properly. Having to keep so many lists and variables for work arounds is very time consuming


Hi Nando,

The "On variable change" event is available since 7.0 version. Please check out this tutorial about an example of how to use this new feature.



Sonia Durán

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