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Change Datalist fields in one or more rows by using another row as a reference

Answered Oscar Ward 7 years ago

I'm trying to use an editable row in a data list, to set the values of one or more other corresponding fields in other rows that are selected by checkboxes.

The problem I am having is If I change a value the the value for every field that column changes even if the checkbox for that row is not selected.

so to give an example, I select the checkbox at the end of row 3, the use category fields in row 1 to change the values of one or more category fields in say row 4 and 5(selected by check boxes.

using a modify datamaster event set as shown in the attached image

If I attach the event to the drop down field when another field is selected and the value is changed, it changes the corresponding fields for the entire data master, not just the checked one.

if I attache the event to a separate button it works as it should. I would prefer to not use a separate button so Id like to know if it is possible to use the datalist field as a control to match another's values?


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Hi Oscar,

Can you attach a snippet of what you are trying to accomplish?


Sonia Durán

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