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Can't show/hide a component in a Data List with the On Panel Active trigger

In Progress Paul G 7 years ago

We have found a potential bug. We are trying to show/hide a component (an image) in two Data Lists, each residing in its own dynamic panel. When we switch between the dynamic panels we are using the trigger 'on Panel Active' to set the image to be hidden or shown in the Data List based on a variable in the Master Data List.

We have tested our conditions using the 'on Page Load' trigger and it works perfectly. The problem is only related to the 'on Panel Active' trigger.

I have attached an image of our condition for your reference. Please note again that it does work on page load but doesn't work when we switch between the panels and use the on active panel trigger.

Please let me know how to resolve this issue?

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Hi Paul,

Can you attach a snippet (.rar extension) of what you're looking for here so we can assist you more helpfully?


Sonia Durán

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