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Can't renew prototyper key

Solved Victor Conesa 8 years ago

Hello, i have a 2 prototyper users key valid until apr 24, 2016. I have entered the key at first start of the prototyper, everything seems to be going well and i'm asked to restart the program.

But at the second start, i get a message "Your maintenance period has expired" and a link "Renew my maintenance period" that bring me to a web page "Renew your key" but when i submit my key i get a message "This prototyper key can't be renewed this way, The prototyper key you are trying to renew (xxxxxx) is from a subscription. So, it will be renewed automatically."

Can you help me ?

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Hi there,

Contact us with this info and your license key and we can help you resolve this.



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