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Can't Purchase Justinmind Pro (infinite loop)

In Progress Dominik Smreczak 6 years ago

Hi, currently I'm trying to buy the Pro version to the software and it never let's me checkout. If I go to "Your Justinmind Order" Webpage I click on the "Sign in here" to skip user details form. I sign in then select a user which I have two of for an unkown reason. I couldn't find a way to delete one of them, but that's another problem. Anyways I select the user account that my current project is on and then the website returns me back to the acount webpage showing me the professional and enterprise versions. If I go to the "Your Justinmind Order" webpage again and fill all the user details out manually, it will say that I already have an account and I need to sign in to continue which I already was signed in to begin with. So in short, I can't purchase the upgraded version as the webpage consistantly tells me to sign in when I already am. Any help?

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Hi Dominik,

Thanks for reporting this. Can you send this info along here so we can help you with this confidentially?



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