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Can't paste action after a condition, if no action already

Solved Victor Conesa 8 years ago

Hi Justinmind team,

Since I upload the new version of Justinmind (7.0 --> 7.1), I have a really irritating bug.

I work a lot with conditions.

And the actions I want for those conditions are slighty the same each time.

So I reuse and modify conditions and actions :

1. I copy the condition and paste it on the "Else"

2. I modify the condition

3. I copy the actions and paste it on the "Do"

4. I modify the actions

Since 7.1, if on the "Do" there 'isn't yet any action, I can't do 3. : I can't paste one or many actions.

Here some images :


Here a simple prototype to test :

try to copy an action "Set value" on the left to paste it for the condition "Variable 1 = 2"


PS : Else great job ! It seems faster in 7.1 when simulating with a lot of datagrid :)

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Thanks for your feedback!

This is indeed a bug. We found it recently and it will be fixed in the next version, to be released in a few weeks.

As you say, this only happens when the "do" is empty so, if you add a fake action you will be able to paste you action correctly and then delete the fake one. Not pretty but it could serve as a workaround if your action is very complex.

Sorry about that!



Thanks for the answer.

So I'm looking forward for next version without this bug.

PS : I did know this workaroud, and you are right it's really not pretty :

It take maybe 5 more time and distract a lot with designing complex interactions.

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