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Cant merge data from 2 Datamasters into 1

Answered Victor Conesa 8 years ago

Ok, im going to destroy something!!!

Im not finding a solution atm -.-


- User wants so add an Item (contract)

- User clicks an "add contract" button

- 1st screen: question about the type of the contract (datamaster 1)

- 2nd screen: question about the name of the company (datamaster 2)

- 3rd screen: trough variables pushing into 2 datamasters I show the user the choices he made (type and name).

- Back to homescreen now Datamaster 2 should show the new contract with all the infos

I tried to push the choices he made trough 2 variables into datamaster 2 on the homescreen - one text element on this datagrid (datamaster 2) should show one chosen item from datamaster 1 (fyi: I build the prototype just in one screen).

But it doesnt work... Any ideas how I could solve this problem?

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Hi Nico,

Unfortunately it's complicated to know what it is failing exactly. If possible, could you please send us the prototype or just create an example simulating what you are trying to accomplish? (Via dropbox) Then we will be able to understand and apply changes on it to help you obtain what you need.


Sonia Durán


Hi Sonia,

finally 1 hour ago I managed to find a solution through datamaster action modify.

Thanks anyway.


the JIM Website is very buggy.

1. Cant write a comment on Tutorial Sites.

2. Cant even log in into customer support site (wrong PW).

- Forgot PW doesnt work.

- New user (register) doesnt work.

Pretty hard to get in touch with u guys.... I wrote a "mail" (through contact page) to one of your sales guys in hope for support....




Hi Nico,

We're sorry that you're encountering this. We have detected a bug related with the captcha on our website. Our content team is trying to solve this. Thank you for reporting this.

Regarding the Customer Support Site, our sales team will contact with you and will explain how it works.

Sorry for any inconvenience.


Sonia Durán

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