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can't filter data list on two columns, the expression filter is adding a wrong placed bracket

Known Diane Jocson 6 years ago

If I copy older examples from the website I can see that the filter for data lists had a different structure in the expression builder, that it does now. By placing the filtered attribute in the same bracket as the data list, it causes issue. When the examples on JustInMind and in tutorials show it outside (even the wizards that build the data list do this different) it works. My issue I can't drag into the builder this same layout/format and thus can't do multiple queries on a data list, or filter from an action to an action workflow either. Please See below ...

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Hi there,

If I'm not wrong when trying to understand what you are trying to accomplish, you should use the following expression.

FILTER ( Data List, ( Client HAS Toyota) & (Region HAS United States ) )

Kindly let me know how it goes.


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