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Can't edit a library I have created and shared

Solved Michael 7 years ago


I have created a library and shared it with my team; however, the moment I "share" a custom library, I am not able to edit it anymore, or take any other actions than updating. This is a big issue because I cannot do any modifications to libraries that should be shared and updated for my entire team to use.

I am the sole owner of this library, and when I share it, others can access it without problems.

Thank you for your help!

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Hi Michael,

You are right. It's a bug, that will be already solved on our next release.


Sonia Durán


Thanks Sonia, this is very helpful! We had another question related to this come up. Without this upcoming functionality, is there a way that we are able to delete or remove libraries that have been pushed out to the team so they do not appear in their library list?

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