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Can't detect and open shared prototype

In Progress Crescent Tear01 3 years ago

My teammate has added me to collab on a prototype

Their steps is Teamwork>Shared their prototype > added me as developer

I received their invitation email as well. However, on my side, my just in mind could not detect any shared prototype, I already reinstall and re sign in. Even on JIM account on browser, I did not see the collaborated prototype showing at the collaboration.

My teammate also readded me as well but the problem persist.They sent me a screenshot and I could confirm that they have added my email correctly.

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We have seen people report that there can sometimes be an issue with shared prototypes appearing. This is usually resolves on its own after a little bit. Are you still seeing this error message?

Just a note - you won't see Teamwork prototypes in your online Justinmind account. You'll only be able to access/view them from within the Justinmind application.

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