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Cannot copy or paste in "New Requirement" form fields

Solved Dave 9 years ago

First of all, please delete my prior post, "Cannot paste into 'New Requirement' form fields", as this post replaces it. Apparently, it's impossible to (a) edit a post after a certain period of time or (b) delete your own darn post on Justinmind's Community.

I don't understand why users are prevented from copying from or pasting into the "New Requirements" form (and possibly others) in Justinmind. Sometimes, requirements come via email, instant message, etc: Please allow us to copy and paste into these fields.

Incidentally, here's a workaround for *just* the paste problem. It doesn't help at all with copying. Really, folks, it's not 1980, it's 2014. These problems were solved a generation ago.

1) Be a Mac user

2) Buy and install "Keyboard Maestro"

3) Create a macro that performs the "Insert Text" action

4) Choose "Insert text by typing"

5) Choose "Insert Token > Current Clipboard"

6) Give the macro a reasonable name ( I went with "Overcome Paste Prevention") and hot key trigger (I went with Option-Command-V)

7) Vote for this bug so that Justinmind removes this pitiful restriction, please.

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This is one of a number of basic functionality requests I made over a year ago with zero response from JustinMind. You've gotten a LOT more responsive since then, but I bet the current group of excellent customer support folks never saw this request.

If this is still an issue (I don't use Requirements, and it's 7PM on a Friday night, so I'm not launching JustinMind to see if it's a problem elsewhere in the product), please consider making it possible to cut and paste absolutely everywhere that text can be entered.


Hi Dave,

Thank you for reporting this. I've been testing it and it is working just with shortcuts. I have transfered this information to our development team in order to fix this bug.


Sonia Durán

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